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About Us


With its inception in 1972, Allied Pallet Company, APC, implemented a pallet management program for local, regional, and national companies that is now copied by numerous competitors.The Allied Industries family consists of:


Allied Pallet

Nationwide Distribution Services


When combined Allied Industries manage over 35 million pallets annually. Our companies have forged excellent relationships with our customers and vendors. We are known for our exceedingly high standards, exceptional customer service and timely delivery.


We are more than a Pallet Repair Company; we are a Pallet Management Company. We not only sell pallets, but also manage our customers’ pallet systems, from repair to on-site management and purchase of damaged pallets.

Our goal is to save our customers money and improve efficiency. Our specialty is the efficient operation of a Nationwide On-site Pallet Processing system, utilizing existing pallet assets to reduce cost and improve productivity.


Allied Industries Inc. has from the beginning, been about providing SERVICE, QUALITY, and a FAIR VALUE to our customers.This position has been, throughout our more than 30 years in the business, summed up in our motto…

“THE CUSTOMER IS THE BOSS.”Allied Pallet starts from this philosophy and ends there.

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